The Theme

The GLP theme for next year suggests a two-pronged approach: one on charity and the other on humility. Both tenets are most identified with what masons are and what we do: we are humble in charity.

Thus, the programs laid out hereafter are formulated pursuant to these principles.


Plans and Programs

We identify five (5) main areas of concern:

  1. Relief to the Distressed
  2. Lectures to the Lodges
  3. Promoting the Craft
  4. Masonic Communication, and
  5. Improvement of GLP services


Relief To The Distressed

  • Exemption from Annual Dues - As part of his program, exemption from the payment of their annual dues will be given to brethren who are afflicted with severe illnesses and thus, unable to provide for themselves and their families.
  • E-Cash Donation - In order to facilitate a faster and efficient relief-collection and remittance system, the GLP will be forging ties with telecom companies to create e-cash depositories through special numbers (i.e. Smart Padala/Gcash) for the purpose of collecting funds for brethren in urgent need.
  • Board Of Relief - In order to facilitate and organize relief operations, each district will form their own Board of Relief pursuant to the duties of lodges as stated in Art. II, Sec. 3(k) of Part II Ordinances of the MLB. It is the belief that relief will have greater impact when organized on a level beyond the blue lodge.
  • Fortified Calamity Fund - Natural disasters and calamities are becoming a norm in this grand jurisdiction and recognizing this, the GLP Calamity Fund needs to be fortified which will require an increase of P100/member in the payment of our annual dues. This will ensure that the Calamity Fund will be proximately sufficient for the needs and relief of those afflicted by such calamities.
  • Further On The FRAP - The GLP’s Financial Relief Assistance Program (FRAP) has been a tremendous help to brethren during their times of need, particularly in augmenting medical and related expenses. Thus, the GLP will be increasing the FRAP Funds through additional payment of P100/member in the annual dues of its members.
  • Widows and Orphans Fund - One of our obligations as members of the Craft is to care for our deceased brother’s widow and orphans, who due to the death of her husband and father may choose to stay at a perpetual distance from the Craft. However, it doesn’t mean that our obligations stops when our brother joins the GAOTU. Thus, to ensure that his widow and orphans are properly provided for, the GLP will be establishing a special fund for their needs.
  • Feed The Needy Kiddie - The GLP, through various channels will be implementing a concerted feeding program across the whole jurisdiction. This will be one of the major projects on charity that the GLP will be engaged in the coming year.
  • 1Million Notebook Project - The GLP, in support of the public school system and to underline the contribution of Masonic icons to Philippine history, will be giving away 1 million notebooks to public school children throughout the coming year. The back covers of the notebooks will be printed with information about Philippine heroes with connection to the Craft.


LIGHT to the Lodges

  • Defining Freemasonry - A concise yet comprehensive definition of Freemasonry will be printed on GLP published items such as invitations and programs so that non-masons getting hold of such materials may be apprised of the true meaning of the Craft. Facts on Freemasonry and masonic literature will be placed on GLP and other printed items such as invitations and programs so that non-masons attending public Masonic events may be given more information about our fraternity. This practice will be replicated for observance in the jurisdictions of districts and subordinate lodges.
  • DGL Assignment - In order to ensure a proper monitoring of DGLs particularly in their attendance and fulfillment of their duties, DGLs will be assigned to specific lodges. Lodges, through their WMs and Secretaries will be tasked to check DGL attendance and take note of their participation in the minutes of the meetings.
  • Daily Wages - In order to strengthen the spiritual and moral development of the brethren, the GLP through its lecturers will be disseminating SMS messages of masonic and spiritual teachings courtesy of the Senior Grand Lecturers and Grand Chaplain on a daily basis.
  • Revisiting the Charges - As part of the moral reformation of the brethren, a revisit to the lessons of the Ancient Charges and Regulations (specifically I, VI, VII, X and XI) given during installation of officers of blue lodges will be part of the monthly masonic education.
  • Office Bearers’ Course - In order to promote and imbue propriety and discretion among the brethren in public, a masonic education module for office bearers will be developed and issued. This will likewise guide in restraining the brethren in general, whenever addressing in public as well as during occassions beyond masonic confines.
  • Readings from the VSL - As it has been taught in the Craft that the VSL is the rule and guide of our faith and as it is always opened at every lawful assembly of Freemasons, the Grand Chaplain shall prepare monthly readings based on the Holy Scriptures which will be read in open lodge meetings.
  • Booklet of Symbolism - A booklet/pamphlet on symbolism and esoteric meanings commonly-used and misused by the brethren will be developed and distributed to the brethren.


Promoting the Craft

  • Grand Representatives - GLP Grand Representatives to other grand jurisdictions are deemed envoys of Philippine Masonry and as such, need to take a more proactive role in maintaining comity and good will with our brethren in foreign lands. As such, the current line-up will be carefully reviewed and as proper, only brethren who are deemed fervent in their passion for Freemasonry will be appointed.
  • Meeting “On The Level” - A forum/gathering where the principle of “meeting on the level” will be enforced in order that brethren may be connected as much as possible to their GLP Officers.
  • Masonic Passport - In order to promote inter-lodge visitations as well as compliance of brethren who by work or other circumstances, are compelled to sojourn far from their mother lodges, the use of masonic passports which have only complied with the requirements of six (6) meetings for electoral processes in lodges, will be similarly enforced.
  • Personal Masonic VSL - The Volume of the Sacred Law is the Great Light in Masonry that forever sheds light upon the path of every traveler. Thus, it should be incumbent upon every mason to have in his possession a personal copy of the VSL for his own learning and guidance. The GLP will be printing smaller copies of the Masonic Bible which will be made available for the brethren.
  • The Cable Tow: 100 Years of Masonic Literature - In celebration of its upcoming centenary, The Cable Tow will be coming out with special book which will feature reprints of the 100 notable articles it has published. These articles will be chosen by a committee composed of its Past EICs and PGMs.
  • Redefining GLP Membership - It is interesting to note that brethren who are not PMs, PGMs, Past GLP Officers, incumbent lodge lights, and incumbent GLP officers are excluded by the MLB as members of the GLP despite their being assessed of per capita payments. Thus, recognizing that brethren belonging to this class are also stakeholders in GLP affairs, efforts will be made to include them in the membership of the GLP but withholding from them certain privileges such as the right to vote and be voted for during Annual Communications.


Masonic Communication

  • Official Masonic Forum - Recognizing the impact of social media on masonic communications, the GLP will be creating/establishing an official FB page that will also serve as an additional digital bulletin board for the brethren. Rules and regulations will be issued on this soon.
  • Birthday Greetings - In order to connect further with the brethren, the GLP will be sending out automated birthday greetings via SMS/Email to members. An action, however simple, hopes to stir renewed interest in the GLP and its services.
  • The Cable Tow - One of the most recognizable institutions of the GLP and nearly reaching the centenary of its creation, The Cable Tow will resume in publishing digital copies of its issues and when necessary, of previous issues as well.


Improving GLP Services

  • Recognizing Labors - Recognizing the contribution of certain brethren who have labored for the Craft regardless of the circumstances involved, the GLP will recognize longevity based on 25 years of cumulative service.
  • Recognizing Craftsmen in Public Service - Freemasonry has encompassed every field of professional endeavor of man---public and government service included. As in previous years, the GLP will continue to recognize the contribution of our brethren who have labored in government and public service.
  • Improving the Status of GLIs - The printed commission given to Grand Lodge Inspectors will be reformatted in order to reflect the gravity and seriousness of the functions of GLIs.
  • Masonic Merchandise - The GLP Masonic Store will be developing an online outlet in order that brethren may be able to buy items online. This will likewise entail putting barcodes/e-tags on items to ensure monitoring and identification.
  • Improved Accommodation for Visiting Brethren - The GLP Hostel will be renovated and repurposed to focus on catering to the needs of visiting brethren for a clean, adequate, yet reasonably-priced accommodation.
  • Improved GLP Mobile Application - The current GLP Mobile Application will be further improved wherein certain services such as member status verification and other online services may be provided.
  • GLP Asset Inventory - The GLP owns several properties which are often underutilized. Through an inventory and the development of an effective inventory management policy, these resources may be put to better use by the GLP.
  • E-Submission of Lodge Reports - Recognizing the logistical challenge posed by the archipelagic geography of this grand jurisdiction, the GLP will be focused on promoting the submission of Lodge Reports online through specific and secured web channels.
  • Updated Membership Information - In order to provide a more efficient and effective way of serving the needs of the brethren as well as to lay the foundation for a semi-digitized GLP service system, the GLP through the DDGMs, will be updating the membership records of the brethren.