Strategic Focus for Masonic Year 2016-2017


Personify Freemasonry. Be the Better Person through the Best Way - Think, Speak and Act the Mason’s Way.


To Preserve the Integrity of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines and Maintain it as a Strong, Unified and Supreme Masonic Authority in Philippine Freemasonry.

Term Objective

To put in place a highly stable and appropriate internal mechanism for a more effective, efficient and highly responsive accomplishment of the goals and programs of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.


Continuation of the 7-Point Agenda

In line with the agreement for a sustained five-year development plan envisioned under the past administrations, the GLP shall remain focused in the fulfillment of the following established programs:

  1. Improvement of the Selection Process of Petitioners;
  2. Establishment of Adequate Mentorship Program for Candidates, Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts;
  3. Continuing Masonic Education for Regular Masons;
  4. Enhanced Family Involvement in Masonic Affairs;
  5. Strengthening of Relationships with Appendant Bodies and other Masonic associations;
  6. Improvement in Administrative and Financial Processes; and
  7. Enhancement of Electoral Reforms                                        

Implementation of Complementary Thrust on Fraternal Service and Assistance

The Grand Lodge and its subordinate lodges shall focus on the following charitable relief and assistance:

  1. Community and Public Projects
    1. Assistance to Public Education
    2. Support to Law Enforcement Agencies
    3. Medical Missions to Depressed Communities
    4. Emergency Response to Victims of Natural Calamities
  2. Relief to Worthy Destitute Brothers
    1. Financial Assistance to Victims of Calamities
    2. Augmentation of current Death and Medical Benefits
    3. Monitoring of Relief to Widows and Orphans
  3. Establishment of columbaries at the Masonic Cemetery