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Edict No. 185 – Establishing the Institute of Masonic Education and Studies (IMES) was decreed by MW Franklin J. Demonteverde, PGM on June 23, 1999.

On July 11, 2005, MW Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr. issued Edict No. 185-B and provided for the repeal of specific provisions of Edict No. 185 and 185-A and creating the Board of Regents and Head of the Institute.


“The Center that serves as a permanent Body in the Grand Lodge of the Philippines that shall take care of, and be responsible for the continuing Masonic education of the Craft."

Departmental Courses

Masonic History

This course introduces students to Freemasons who came to the Philippines and participated in the libertarian campaign. It is also a study of the Masonic personalities who influenced Filipinos in the country and the birth of Philippine nationalism and freedom.

Masonic Philosophy and Symbolism

The course presents the philosophy and the symbolism in the making of a Freemason with emphasis on the relationship of the three degrees. It also tackles the Freemason’s path toward symbols in the Higher Degrees / Rites / Orders.

Masonic Jurisprudence, Laws and Regulations

This Course aims to awaken the interest of Freemasons under this jurisdiction and to encourage them to deepen their knowledge on Masonic Jurisprudence, laws and regulations. The course will familiarize the participants through the ancient landmarks of the fraternity , Masonic usages and customs, the Volume of the Sacred Law, the Masonic Constitution, Rules and regulations, the Decisions of the Grand Lodge, Edicts of the Grand Master, By-Laws and Resolutions of the subordinate lodges.

Masonic Liturgy, Rituals, and Ceremonies

While there are several rites and ceremonies in masonry, this course will focus more attention to the Masonic rituals and liturgy and the ceremonies of the Craft. Rhetorical proficiency in these rituals, understanding their meanings, and practicing their lessons in life, are emphasized as the ultimate goal of every Mason.

Management (General & Lodge)

The course is designed to present those essentials of Freemasonry with emphasis on Lodge management, which every Mason should know , whether officer or not. It likewise aims to equip every Master Mason particularly those desiring to occupy positions of leadership with the necessary knowledge and responsibility in ruling and governing a lodge with the end in view of attaining an efficient and successful administration.