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BIR Travellers Haven Inc.


     Under the guidance of Divine Providence, BIRTH is committed:

  1.  To promote moral and spiritual values among members;
  2.  To provide relief to the needy through a responsive and sustainable organization;
  3.  To provide continuing professional education for better public service, and;
  4.  To foster amity with brethren whithersoever dispersed.


     An organization of upright and worthy members who support and promote exemplary revenue service and social responsibility.

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Grand and Glorious Order of the Knights of the Creeping Serpent

     The genesis of the GRAND & GLORIOUS ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE CREEPING SERPENTS started in 1960 when it was organized by Freemasons at Oriental Lodge No. 20 in California, USA and went to Yuma, Arizona, USA also in the same year. It was organized with the assistance of several prominent Freemasons in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

     The Order spread its noble cause to the Philippines on May 1, 2001 when Alpha Class with 13 members was conferred. Afterwards, an election was held wherein Emiliano P.       Langomez was elected as its first President and consequently given the title of Royal King Cobra.

     The GRAND & GLORIOUS ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE CREEPING SERPENTS, PHILIPPINES, INC., primarily organized as a social club, has eventually conferred the Beta Class with 29 members, led by its class President, Voltaire T. Gazmin, the Gamma Class with 22 members led by its class President, Armando Melo, Jr. in 2001.

     To date, the Order has more than 500 proud members who are bound together by brotherly love, friendship and within the spirit of charity, promising to continuously adhere to the fraternal cause and support to the community, keeping always in mind that the ALL-SEEING EYE is always upon them to guide and support them in all their endeavors and its existence shall not falter for as long as all the members are united in harmony with filial love in their hearts.


Order of the Secret Monitor

Pagong Ako Kuyang Pilipinas